Friday, June 27, 2008

RSC Pizza Corner @ Royal Selangor Club

Finished dinner at The Royal Selangor Club. We ordered from their RSC Pizza Corner instead of the RSC Restaurant or the Japanese Restaurant. The reason is because their pizza corner serve the best, fastest, reasonable food. I went there a few times this few months, but I yet to blog about it. Finally i brought my camera along with me to the place. So I shall show you a few of their nicest dishes that I always order.

The Menu, beneath it lies a WHOLE lot of tasty dishes.

Pretty pretty view, taken from my sitting place.

The first dish that came, Pepperoni Bouncer.

Second dish, Hawaiian. Packed with lots of pineapple.

The dish I ordered. Chicken Fettucini Carbonara. This is my favourite dish of all times. The sauce is really really creamy and thick. Chicken chunks over the fettucini and the heavy cheese smell. It also comes with two thin cheese sticks.

The close up shot for the Chicken Fettucini Carbonara. If I went there 5 times, I ordered this 5 times. Absolutely a 10/10.

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lee said... hungry now..=="
Roughly how much and for how many persons for 2pizza and main course ?

Where is the location ya, i may give it a try if i know where and not expensive ^^