Thursday, June 26, 2008

Coca Steamboat Buffet Contest -

Hmm, I shall help vkeong advertise about this competition that is being held on his food blog. The Coca Steamboat Buffet Contest - Submit Comment And Win.

Quote from vkeong's food blog:

Coca has decided to throw a contest for 3 lucky readers of who will win a dinner buffet worth RM78++ per pax at Coca Restaurant. Each winner will be allowed to bring a guest of his/her choice to attend the dinner buffet.
The rules are simple:
1. Submit a comment for this post, explaining why you should win the contest. No restrictions on the comment length.
2. Read the review I(vkeong) posted about Coca's dinner buffet. In your comment, include the dish you want to try the most among all.
3. Winners will be picked by Coca’s Marketing Manager, Andrea.
4. Contest will run for 2 weeks, ending 1st of July 2008.
5. Contest is open for everyone!
6. Good luck and have fun!

p/s: Please make sure you enter your name and email address correctly. Else, I(vkeong) wouldn’t be able to contact you.

And YES! I joined this competition. I Submitted a very noob comment that would most probably not win. If I DO win, it would be really nice. Wondering who to bring with me if I win. =)

tsk tsk, if you are a girl, you better start asking me if I could bring you, chances are higher.

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Alex said...

Thanks for posting this up! Good luck to you, hopefully you get to bring a girl, LOLZ.

BTW, please allow Name/URL commenting :P