Sunday, June 8, 2008

Review: Starbucks In A Bottle

Finally! I opened the bottle at last!!!

Okay, although I am a BIG fan of Starbucks™ Coffee. Frankly speaking, I am not 100% satisfied with the bottled Starbucks™ Coffee. There are quite a few things that I am not satisfied with :

1) It is just too sweet, maybe they added alot of sugar inside there so that people can drink it On-The-Go. Taste just like coffee with lots and lots of sugar in it. That's why you will have to do something to dialute it, by adding ALOT, and yes I mean ALOT of ice into the coffee.

I literally flooded the coffee with ice and guess what? It still taste SWEET.

2) The bottle problem. I know I know, what does the bottle have to do with the drink? If you know how to enjoy it, you would also find the same problem with me. After you open it, I suggest you not to close it again, it is really hard to close it. Another thing, the mouth of the bottle is just too BIG.

3) This may be cheaper than normal Starbucks™ Coffee, but it doesn't taste the same. The fresh coffee you get from the Starbucks™ Cafe itself taste waaaaaaaaay better than this. Although it is slightly more expensive, it's worth the money.

Overall: Not worth the money. Don't get it unless you are under desperation of drinking Starbucks™ Coffee. :)

ps. This taste like the RM1.50 Nescafe Mocha Coffee in the can.

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