Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Christmas Decoration @ NZX, Ara Damansara

NZX, also known as Niu Ze Xiu, is located at Ara Damansara. It was launched on the first day of 2008. NZX is a covered boulevard which provides outdoor shopping experience, entertainment and also alot of unique concept restaurants. It has up to 1800 parking spaces and it is also Malaysia's biggest and largest outdoor boulevard. It also has a very clean and spacious environment. There are security guards patroling everywhere and also CCTV at every corner of NZX. And starting from 15th of November 2008, all the way till 15th of Febuary, there will be a Festive Fun-tasy event with loads of activities and games.

Some pictures of the Festive Fun-tasy & Christmas Decoration:

Some pictures of the unique concept shops & restaurants:

Oh and they have a Big Apple Donuts & Coffee outlet there too.


Anonymous said...

I like the Fun-tasy and Christmas decor wintery and fairy-tale like. Christmas' my fav holiday season!

I have stopped eating big apple or JCo donuts...after having had too much so much so that I have gotten scared of them :)

madmoz said...

You didn't go in and see the DIsney displays? You should. Go early when there isn't much of a crowd and the guards might let you go beyond the barricades!

As for the cafe with the mini out front, don't miss the clam chowder wor. Excellent!