Monday, December 8, 2008

6th Month Anniversary Contest

Last Saturday (6th December 2008), my blog finally turned 6 Months old!

It has been a fun and exciting experience since 6th June 2008, travelling around tasting food and visiting lots of eateries.

In conjunction with my blog's 6 Month Anniversary, I am going to host a contest.

First of all, I would like to thank everyone for supporting my blog, and also those who sponsored me to host this contest on my blog.

To join this contest, you will need:
1) A Google account (To comment the answer on this post)
2) Internet connection
3) Your own opinion (Copying other people's answer doesnt mean you will win too)

I will be asking a very simple question, and you will have to submit your answer via commenting this post.

Question: Which food review I did contains the best quality photos (Post your answer along with that particular food review's permalink).

This contest will start to run from Tuesday, 9th December 2008, till Monday, 22nd December 2008, 11.59pm. Any answer comments posted after the time stated will not be counted.

I will judge the winner according to my own opinion (Which food review I think contains the best quality photos), and if he/she gives the same answer in my opinion, he/she will be the Grand Winner. The 2 Consolation Winners will be chosen randomly.

There will only be 1 Grand Winner, along with another 2 Consolation Winners.

Grand Prize*:
- 1000 Entrecard Credits (Sponsored by PenangTuaPui)
- 1 Makanlah Car Sticker (Sponsored by
- One(1) 125x125 Blog Space on my blog for 1 month**
- One(1) 125x125 Blog Space on Make Money Online Blog for 1 week** (Sponsored by

Consolation Prize:
- 1 Makanlah Car Sticker (Sponsored by
- One(1) 125x125 Blog Space on my blog for 1 week**

* If there are two people that post the same answer, the person that posted the answer earlier will win.
** No Objectional Contents.
**I have the right to take down the 125x125 banner if I think it is not suitable/objectional.
**Subject to availability.


Me.Myself said...

well, i'm gonna be the first to participate in this contest.

To me, the best quality photo is

Absolut Raspberry Vodka , this Red botol captures my eyeballs.

Wines ! Wines ! Wines ! I am not kaki botol but i love red wines !

Jupester said...
simply because that is the first time i've seen an even heard of such delicacies

Ahmike said...

I am worrying that I am too late la. anyways, all the best to the contestant :D

imelda said...

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