Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Malacca Trip. Day One, Part Two

After dinner at Restoran Ban Lee Siang, I went to The Jetty to sight see.

View from the cafe.

After sight seeing at The Jetty, I went to Jonker Street. As it was a Saturday, Jonker Walk was on.

Public Karaoke @ Jonker Walk.


The way they make Ice Lollies.
Magic Ice 'Krim'.

Kickapoo Flavoured Magic Ice 'Krim'.

Fruit Candy Stick. Also known as "Beng Tong Wu Lou".

Grapes covered in colored sugar.
Knock Candy.

A traditional type of candy from the olden days.

Knock Candy in preparation.

That's all for day 1.
Stay Tune for day 2!

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yeevonne said...


damn freaking nice!
okay now I know what it's called in chinese. lol.

you should try the fresh one. :)

Anonymous said...

I like the ice lollies and fruit candy stick...they looked so enticing. My last visit to Jonker Street was yonks ago....I would like to revisit again sometime soon!

QuaChee said...

wow like yr ice lollies photos :) hey my bug life, ur here too. yes, go over to jonkers for a weeknd trip! :)