Friday, November 7, 2008

Malacca Trip, Day Two, Part One

Went for breakfast at 88 The Museum Cafe located @ Jonker Street.

Variety of noodles sold here.

Variety of Jonker Desserts sold here.

Workers preparing the Cendol.

A worker putting the last ingredient onto the Cendol - Gula Melaka.

Shop interior. This place sells all types of currency notes that was used during the Communist period.

Cendol. This is the thickest Gula Melaka I have ever had in my life, after the Gula Melaka is poured into your bowl of Cendol, it will freeze and become like malt, and it's only RM1.70 a bowl!
Fish Ball Noodles. Tastewise was okay, but the soup was abit diluted.

Dumpling Noodles. Tastewise was okay also, just that the soup was abit too diluted.

Nasi Lemak. Tasted more or less the same as others. But this shop uses the Baba Nyonya Curry, instead of Sambal/Rendang.

Fried Tofu. Tasted so-so only.

Iced Black Coffee. They used coffee bags instead of the coffee powder. So, no comment.

Second bowl of Cendol.
Stay Tune For Part Two!
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Anonymous said...

Wow..that bowl of cendol and the food's really getting to me this morning :)

What's that bullockcart bank in the first photo?

Anonymous said...

A moving bank or perhaps mobile money changer? If it's..oh :)

QuaChee said...

2nd bowl of cendol...! haha :)

The Mrs Blogs said...

Yummy. Reminds me of my Malacca trip recently. I want cendol!