Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dragon-i @ The Curve

Dragon-i has always been famous for their Lai Mian Xiao Long Bao, and well, of course their food. But my visit to Dragon-i at The Curve made me think that their food is too over rated. The environment of Dragon-i makes me get a headache as it is very noisy. Although they have air-conditioners, I can still sweat inside the restaurant.


Wet Towel.

Soya Bean Milk, tasteless.


The Shanghai Style Xiao Long Bao Dumpling. Tasted okay only despite all the juice inside the dumpling.

Si Chuan Lai Mian with Hand Torn Lai Mian. It was spicy enough and the portion is enough for 2 people to eat.

Lai Mian With Preserved Vegetables & Pork. Tasted good and the portion was very big also, enough to fill 2 person's stomach.

The Beijing Style Xiao Long Bao Dumpling. Tasted different from the Shanghai Style one, but also so-so only.

Lai Mian with Taiwanese Fried Chicken. Tastewise was good, but the Crispy XXL Chicken from Shih Lin Taiwan Snacks taste better than this Taiwanese Fried Chicken. This Taiwanese Fried Chicken was slightly tasteless.

Braise Pork With Man Tou. This dish wasnt really like what I expected. It's texture was plasticy, and the Man Tou's were hard and dry.

Steamed Rice With Pork Chop & Potato. This dish was okay only. Nothing fancy.

Fried Shanghainese Dumpling. Wasnt that good also.

Well, this visit to Dragon-i will make it my first and last time eating there. The total bill came out to RM140++.
Worth It? No


Norhafidz said...

wow, Beijing Style Xiao Long Bao Dumpling look delicious :)

Anonymous said...

Hi K-Tuck! I am the odd diner who thinks the food at Dragon-i isn't that great despite the large crowds. Yeah, I's over-rated. I don't know but I much prefer Cantonese style cooking :)

Alex said...

I had the same feeling about Dragon-I.. expensive, so-so food and crappy services. In my black list already

Keris said...

hmmm yumy .... yumy ... may I take one :)

Anonymous said...