Sunday, October 5, 2008

Restaurant Bukit Jugra @ Jugra

Few days ago, I went to Restaurant Bukit Jugra located in Jugra, Banting for dinner. This restaurant is so famous that you have to make reservation in advance 1 week to get a chance to eat here. So instead of lunch, I had dinner here.

The signboard showing the restaurant. Everyone that came here took picture of this signboard.

The place they cook the Beggar's Chicken, Beggar Duck.

The mud is used to cover the paper that is wrapping the chicken/duck.

Chinese Tea.

Tiger Beer.

The first dish that arrived. Beggar's Pig Leg.

Beggar's Pig Leg. This is was slightly dissapointing as it didn't have that 'taste'. That 'taste' is the taste you always get when eating pork. The taste was taken away by the herbs, so I didn't really enjoy that dish.

Second dish that arrived. The ever famous Beggar's Chicken. This dish was really good. Better than any other Beggar's Chicken I had. The herbs they used was original and obviously tasted better.

Some vegetables. Nothing much about this dish.

Beggar's Duck. This dish was good. The only difference between this dish and the Beggar's Chicken is that one is chicken and the other is duck. The herbs used are the same.

The traditional fish. This fish was really long. And tasted great. The skin was crispy and the meat inside was soft and chewy. It was boneless too.


The final dish that arrived. The Longevity Soup. This soup was really really peppery. You can choke by just smelling the soup. But it was really good, and the meat inside cooked with the soup was good.

Overall, this meal was satisfying. The price was decent for such a great meal. The amount of food above is meant for 10 people eating.


Anonymous said...

What kind of fish is that? I have never seen one like this before!

sean said...

never tried before.. and very interesting picture of the place they cook it!

The author. said...

I have one question.. do they really use mud to cook the duck and chicken thingy? O.o..