Monday, October 13, 2008

Gasoline @ Sunway Pyramid

A few days ago, I was at Sunway Pyramid for the Astro Battleground. During lunch time, I went around Sunway Pyramid venturing for good food. And I stumbled upon this unique looking restaurant - Gasoline. This place has great ambience, best for friends to hangout and eat here or for you to bring your partner here with a little bit of privacy. At Gasoline, you sit on the floor cushions instead of chairs and have your own privacy with curtains around you, and not to forget the dim lighting concept.

The outside of the restaurant. Yes those are see through meshing as passerby's can see into the restaurant.
The curtains splitting my table from the next table.
The Menu.

The buttons to call. This is the most interesting gadget I have ever seen. After you press either one of the buttons. It will alarm the waiters/waitresses, via the watch they are wearing.

The unique dining tables.
The entrance the customer's respective tables. You will have to take off your shoes to enter.

Cutleries with a serviette.
The floor cushion we sit on.

Chocolate Shake Shake. It's a ice blended drink, sweet enough for my liking with alot of fudge around the drink. RM6.00.

Momocha. Ice blended Mocha with chocolate chips and whipped cream on top. Tasted good with the price tag of RM6.50.

Black Pepper Chicken Rice. The chicken meat was good along with the black pepper sauce. RM6.00.

Thai Style Chicken Rice. Fried chicken with thai sauce. The thai sauce was good, a little bit of sweet, and a little bit of spicyness.

The total bill came out to RM28.90 after adding 5% Govt Tax and 5% Service Tax. Well the waiters/waitresses deserve to charge us 5% Service Tax as their service was fast, efficient and friendly too. Pictures arent so clear as the restaurant has dim lighting conditions.


Alex said...

You know what? I actually avoided to eat here, and went to Snowy Dessert Home instead because of the freaking dim lightings!

Alex said...

By, the way I have a suggestion for you. Open up the option for people to leave comments using name/url.

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