Sunday, July 13, 2008

Uptown Square Food Court @ Damansara Uptown

Finished dinner at a night mamak/food court in Damansara Uptown just now. I have been eating at that night mamak/food court almost every 2 weeks since I was a little kid. One stall I have always visited at least once everytime I eat there is Phang's Western Food. Their western food is cheap, big, tasty. There is probably around 10 western food stalls there but I seldom visit those because it's either their food is not as tasty as Phang's Western Food, or their portion is small, OR their price is higher. I think Phang's Western Food is the cheapest, biggest portion and tastiest among all western food stalls.

I ordered a Honey Lemon Lime Juice as you all know I lost my voice during the hike yesterday. Thanks to Lim Yi May a.k.a The Almighty New D.O. for advising me to take warm honey water. The juice had a sweet,sour and salty taste because the honey gives the sweetness, lemon gives the sourness and the lime gives the saltyness, definitely loved it.

Other than the juice I ordered, I also ordered a Teh Tarik.

Then my main course came. The Mushroom Sauce Chicken Chop from Phang's Western Food. Tasted as good as a "very good tasting, big sized portion of western food for only Rm7.50".

The close up picture of the Mushroom Sauce Chicken Chop. It's big sized and really thick. Definitely the best RM7.50 western food I have ever had.

I also ordered a Fish & Chips. For RM7.00, you get a big piece of Fish and alot of Chips. It also comes with Baked Beans, Coleslaw, An Egg And 2 pieces of buttered bread.

I Ordered a Naan as a side dish.

We felt like having Cockels so we ordered a plate. Cockels are tasteless and you'll have to dip the sauce to indulge it.

There you go. The Chilli sauce for being dipped by the Cockels. The red coloured sauce is the Chilli sauce, the black coloured sauce is Sweet sauce, and there is peanuts in the middle of the both sauces.

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hey friend... can contact me? what else it have in this food court??