Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lunch @ Arena Food Court, 1 Utama

Notice: From now on, I'm not going to watermark my pictures anymore. And, this is the first ever time I'm writing a review on lousy food.

Had lunch at Arena Food Court in 1 Utama yesterday. It has been awhile since I last ate there, and since everyone wanted to eat there, we took a shot and went. ALL of us regretted eating there. Their food price had raised like mad, and the food quality dropped down to Economy food standard. Before we headed to Arena, we stopped by Starbucks to get a drink and chit chat.

Mocha Frappucino With Cream and Chocolate Powder.

Soon, we headed for lunch. We were like Ini-Mini-Miney-Mo, didn't know what/where to eat. At first it was Seoul Garden, then Fishing Village, then JJ' Super Sandwich, then Arena Food Court. But soon after ordering our food, we regretted eating there.

My main course - Fish & Chips from Wagon Grill. The name sounds so Western-ish, but being taken care by malays that don't really know how to prepare western food properly. It's RM10.90 for 2 small pieces of hard fish, they must have kept the fish for quite some time, very little fries. 1 of the worst western food I have ever eaten. After tax = RM11.45, Even my previous post on Phang's Western Food, the food taste better, bigger, and obviously CHEAPER.

Clarence ordered Black Pepper Sauce Chicken Chop from the same place. Price was the same, serving was also more or less the same size, small. The chicken chop was barely a centimetre thick. It was dry, burnt and tasted like it was kept in the refrigerator for too darn long before grilling it. The black pepper sauce was also too dialuted.

Jensen ordered Roasted Chicken Rice from one of the shops, and when it reached the table, I was like:" Is that Economy Rice?". Turned out to be Expensive "Economy Rice". RM5.50
for a plate of chicken rice with VERY little chicken. And RM5.50 is without tax, FYI.

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sedap je kutuk orang melayu. bla la ingrate.