Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hokano Japanese Restaurant @ Damansara Uptown

I felt sorry for my stomach because I made it take in the lousy western food, and I also had the urge to eat Japanese Food. So I went to Hokano Japanese Restaurant for dinner. Went lurking around the whole Uptown looking for decent Japanese Restaurants. Other than Wassabi, Umai-Ya, Ramen... I found this cozy looking small japanese restaurant - Hokano Japanese Restaurant. Went in, sat down, got a very nice and friendly waitress serving us. We took like for-ever to choose what to eat.

Hokano Japanese Restaurant

The Ala Carte Nigiri Sushi List

The Prices Of The Ala Carte Nigiri Sushi, it's Price Per Piece.

Ocha - Japanese Green Tea.

Nice Plates.

Then came the first dish

Salmon & Avocado rolls (top), Eel & Cucumber rolls (bottom)

Both tasted great! The salmon was very fresh, you could just feel it's softness.

Ratherly unique looking California Rolls. Crab meat inside, black sesame seeds and fish eggs outside. Tasted good, I think it's my first time having this type of California Rolls.

Something that got me piping all night. =)

My Main Course, Chicken Katsu Don. Tasted good nevertheless. The chicken was made till just nice, tender.

Every Main Course comes with a Miso Soup, one of my favourite type of soup.

Tempura set, the prawns taste good, very fresh. Oh and it came with a BIG Onion Ring

The sauce/dip to go with the Tempura.

Some fish that we ordered too. It's a main course. It was grilled to perfection. The skin tasted salty because it was covered in salt while grilling, took the fishy smell away.

It was a very filling meal. and if you ever go there, the prices are all Nett Prices. Something you don't see everyday.

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