Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dinner @ Relative's House

Had dinner at one of my relative's house just now. They catered from an Indian Food Caterer. It was a simple buffet style dinner. So had my dinner.

What you see above contains: Fried Noodles, Roti Jala, Satay, Spring Rolls And Barbeque Chicken Wings.

Then had Cendol for dessert. This is my First Ever Dessert Post For This Blog.

Then came the fun part.

Merlot Wine

Good Looking Booze

And my favourite drink of the night, Absolut Raspberry Vodka + Fruit Punch.

8 cups of it. =)

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Dexterous-Ct said...

Just my 2 cent opinion. Roti jala would be more delicious if you eat it with curry. :-)