Sunday, August 3, 2008

Wendy's @ Palm Square, Jaya One

Had dinner at Wendy's just now. It is located in Palm Square @ Jaya One, you shouldn't miss it cause it is a big square and there is a Old Town Kopitiam there. I have been longing to try Wendy's already since the time I saw Wendy's being builded in Sunway Pyramid.

Their Frosty & Twisted Frosty is 50% Off Every Friday.

Their Frosty, it's basically just a float.

Twisted Frosty, also known as the McFlurry in Mcdonalds. But at Wendy's, you still get to have M&M's and a choice of either Vanilla or Chocolate ice cream.

The Frosty. Coke + Vanilla ice cream.

Fries, bigger than normal shoe lace size.

Baked Potato With Sour Cream & Chives. Tasted Great! Just that the potato skin was slightly too dry.

Baked Potato With Sour Cream. Tasted Great too.

Nuggets. Didn't try it cause I just had alot yesterday at McDonald's in Genting.

1/2 Pounder Burger With Cheese. There is also a 1/4 Pounder Burger With Cheese, and also a 3/4 Pounder Burger With Cheese.

My burger - Shrimp Supreme. The patty was really crispy and the shrimps inside tasted real good.

After dinner, I headed to the Taman Megah Pasar Malam for a walk. Saw some fresh looking, red strawberries, so bought 3 boxes. Enjoying it this moment.

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AnGeL On Earth said...

hwoa...nice strawberry xD and nice foods!