Sunday, August 24, 2008

Infekted @ Titanium Super Dance Club

Infekted is a club event in Melbourne. And this time is the first ever time Infekted club event is held in Malaysia. Luckily there was no age limit this time. Next time if an Infekted club event is held again, there maybe a age limit. So I had to enjoy my first ever rave event held in Titanium Super Dance Club.

The event started at 1pm and ended at 6pm. With DJ's like Musher, Nottifish, Nekon, Didjital And the ever famous Ganjaguru. It was really worth it for the price we paid. RM30 for VIP and RM40 for door sale. I paid only RM30 because my name was on the VIP list.

Warm Up Dj - Musher .

The interior of the club.

The high class sitting place.

Dj Niekon.

Didjital spinning.

Rocking the dancefloor.

The atmosphere inside.

Everybody enjoying the music.

The ever famous Ganjaguru & Musher.

Last but not least, I GOT INFEKTED!!!

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