Saturday, August 9, 2008

New Greenery Seafood Restaurant @ Telok Gong, Klang (Revisit)

Hmm yeah this is my first time doing a blog post on re-visiting restaurants. I have a really really good impression on this restaurant since my first visit. The environment is quiet, food served really quickly, waiter/waitress-es are very friendly and hardworking. Got myself kinda drunk again. x)

This time I got to take the pictures of the ostrich already! I couldn't do it last time due to the rain.

Same old signboard. =)

The ostrich. Looking fat and lazy.

The snacks they serve before meal. Different from the last time's snack.

Hehe, Todi - It is a must if you go to these type of restaurants. x)

Tiger Beer.

Tiger Beer + Todi, tasted great. Very refreshing, takes the sour-ness of the Todi away

I don't have to introduce this anymore. x)

The first dish to arrive - Fried Mee Hoon with La La (clams). Very fragrant, good.

Four Heavenly Kings. Tasted like last time. Good nevertheless, still didn't dissapoint me.

Oyster Omelette(a.k.a. "Or Chien") on a Hot Plate.

Salt Baked Mantis Prawn. Abit dissapointing, they baked it with the shell left on. So it was kinda hard to chew. Not So Recommended.

Deep Fried Baby Shark. Yeah the last time I ordered Baby Shark Curry, now it's time for deep fried style. Tasted quite good.

Sweet Potato Leaves fried with Chilli Sambal Belacan. Not my type, so didn't take much. Cant comment much.

Crabs fried with Salted Eggs & Dried Chilli. The crabs today were abit small in size, but it was nice overall.

Fried Calamari. Tasted really really crispy. The squid was very "Q" and the skin/batter was crispy. Definitely Recommended

After ordering and eating 8 dishes. I was absolutely full, full, FULL. Price was really reasonable.


me, myself + mIcHeLLe said...

omg todi! i love todi. did u do that urself?

TNH said...

If i not mistaken,i ever saw this seafood restaurent on tv...

shyneze said...

telok time you should try coconut flower restaurant..the foodd is better..just saying