Saturday, September 6, 2008

Yu Ai Chocolate Cheese Mooncake

A few days ago I bought a few mooncakes. One of them was Chocolate Cheese Mooncake by Yu Ai. I was so eager to try this but could only get to try it today because of a slight cough. But, I found out that it was nothing special. Once I opened the packaging, there was this very strong & pungeant cheese smell. Cost me RM12.40.

The middle part is the cheese part, Eewk!

Next mooncake I am going for is by The Bakers Cottage. Maybe the Toffee, Chocolate Brownie Mooncake? Or the Green Tea Mooncake? Or the Chocolate Strawberry Fondue Mooncake?


Ms. _____ 2 be ! said...

Cheese....not sure if I want to eat that in a mooncake but thats really interesting ... :P

Lynn said...

hmm.. i tried that as well.. there's cheese smell but not really cheese taste... more on chocolate taste...
luckily buy it for less 20% ^^

sutros said...

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