Sunday, September 7, 2008

Dinner @ 888 Food Planet

888 Food Planet is a new food court that opened recently on the 18th of August. I went there for dinner yesterday. The food court has alot of food stalls, and there are plenty of choices. They even have an indoor carpark, as well as an outdoor carpark. As it was raining yesterday night, we managed to park inside the indoor carpark. Parking is free after 6pm.

The amount of stalls and people. There are 2 roles of stalls.


Sufficient lights and fans. There's also the mist spraying system.

My drink of the night - Hot Neslo.

Ngap Giok Bau (Wrapped Duck Feet) from the Lok Lok stall.

Lobak, very good, worth the money paid. The spring rolls and the Lobak is very meaty.

Hokkien Mee. Tasted great, the sauce is very thick.

Korean Food - Don Gas (Pork Chop Rice). Tasted good, cost RM7.00.

My order - Crispy Chicken Chop Rice. It was abit dissapointing when it turned up with so little chicken. But the stall had loads of customers. Tasted so-so only.

Chicken Maryland. Tasted quite good. Didn't really like it because I'm not a Chicken Maryland fan. I prefer Chicken Chop. But it was still good.

As for dessert. Tong Yuan from the Gingko Tong Yuan stall. Tasted ok but the price was a rip off. RM3.80 for a bowl of soya milk with 4 tong yuan. Consists of Chocolate, Red Bean, Lotus and Peanuts.

The indoor carpark. Quite alot of parking spaces.

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iris gan said...

lolx... u nvr mention where is da food court '888 Food Planet'... where is da location ler?